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When you have a special needs child, it's forever, 24/7. From the time they are born and always, you have to care for them, all their needs, some of our children need more than others. Only another parent of a special needs child will understand. We get tired, we are constantly looking for things to do with them to keep them engaged in life. From personal care to taking care of household things. Having our Jason be part of Lola's crew keeps him active and keeps his mind engaged with so many things. Covid was a perfect example of how much Jason needs to be part of this group. The 6 months that he was not able to go to Lola's he really regressed. At Lola's they are active doing so many things. From Crafts, to outings, and much more, everyone's favorite is karaoke, but the most important is the socialization, interacting with their own friends is so very important. Don't we all like to socialize with our friends, making memories with good friends is the best part of life.


Lolas has been the best for my 37 year old special needs son. He's made friends and enjoys the activities that Lauryn sets up for them. So glad we found her. She's a very active person and always on the go. If you have a son or daughter in need of getting out of the house and around others they can relate to. This is the place.


As parents we feel that Lola’s helps Logan with socializing and getting involved with his community! And also keeps him active with different types of exercises! Yoga and dance.


I like doing karaoke with my friends and hanging out with them!


I hang out with my friends and we do stuff, we do fun stuff.


Lola's Round Table is an amazing place where every attendee gets exactly what they need. We have three very different adults in our family who love attending the program. Lauryn personally is involved in every activity. Her strength, character and enthusiasm is much appreciated.

The Weilers

My daughter Kailey loves being a part of Lola's. Lola's has been one of the best things that has helped our family out. Kailey enjoys every activity that is offered. Lauryn always goes over and beyond for our child's needs. I would recommend Lola's to any family in need of a day program for development and care.


I’ve known Lauryn for over ten years she’s an amazing person. She started Lola’s Roundtable three years ago for young adults to have a place to go after high school. There is not many places for these young adults to go to. My son has been there since Lola’s Round Table has opened, he has fun every time he goes. I would recommend any family that is looking for a place to send there children to go, I highly recommend this place.

Tammy, Kevin & Chad

To say that Kevin loves Lola's Round table would be too little. Every Sunday he checks the schedule to find out what is happening that week making sure I know. He loves being with his friends and Lauryn and participating in all the fun activities. We have seen advancements in Kevin being part of a Lolas. He now takes part in conversation going on in our home and with friends something he didn't do before. He researches music and makes lists of songs so he is ready for karaoke. I as a parent am grateful for all that Lolas has brought to Kevin and our family.


There are some things that you don’t truly understand how much you need them until you have them, Lola's Round Table was one of those things for my family! Lauryn is the kindest, most generous person I have ever met. She plans great activities, and always has the best interest of the families and individuals she supports. My aunt always runs out the door when it is time to go to Lolas. Joining Lola’s and participating in the activities brought her out of her shell and gave her the opportunity to create life long friendships and memories. I often say that I have no idea what I would do without Lauryn and Lola's Round Table.